Drilling instructions for concrete walls

You want to have an air conditioner installed but you have walls made of concrete?
Sometimes it is assumed that the walls are concrete, even if this is not the case, From experience we can say that it pays off if you check carefully, and ask if necessary.

Should it really be concrete walls this unfortunately makes an installation a bit more complicated but certainly not impossible. The biggest disadvantage is that you need to take care of a concrete drilling company yourself.
They will come and drill the required hole, They do this with special drills and also water cooled, a method that prevents damage to material or building and or fire can occur.
There is no way around this unfortunately, but it is definitely safer for everyone.

And if inquiries reveal that they are not concrete walls, but one of the other commonly used type of walls stone/plaster/wood/dam wall then you can leave the drilling to us at no additional cost.

The cost of drilling through concrete

The costs involved in drilling a hole through concrete vary from region to region and from your local providers.
According to the information we have gathered, these amounts range from approximately €80.00 to €170.00
These costs are therefore in addition to the cost of the quote you receive, or have received, from us, and should be paid to the concrete drilling company you have engaged.

How big should the hole be and where should it go

The hole should have a diameter of 60mm, the hole should also slope to prevent the entry of water.
You can determine the ideal location of the hole as follows:

  • Look up the dimensions of your air conditioner's indoor unit (these are always listed in the description)
  • Determine the place or wall where the indoor unit of the air conditioner should be located
  • The top edge of the air conditioner should ideally be 10 centimeters below the ceiling, draw a small line there with pencil
  • Now take the width of the air conditioner, (say 80 centimeters) and with pencil again draw a small line to the left and right of this dimension
  • Now do the same for the height of the indoor unit measured from the top line (For example, 26 cm)
  • Now you can put a mark in the lower right corner of the box that is created, on this mark the hole of 60 mm must be drilled. (See slideshow at the top of the page for clarification)

Is your answer not among them?

If so, please do not hesitate to contact us,

We are happy to help you.